Website design & development is beyond creating and owning a space online. Does it generate leads & sales? How do you rank among your competitors online? Does it wholly represent your local brand? We have the tools and experience to help you achieve these.

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eCommerce is not just design, it's about business success. We understand the dynamics of the eCommerce industry and how data is key to leads and sales. Over the years, we have created new eCommerce websites and improved existing ones that are not producing results.

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Mobile App

We develop mobile applications that solve specific problems. From GIS to Asset Management solutions, we have been able to develop working mobile solutions for scores of clients. Our customer retention rate attest to this.

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About Us

Novy Systems provides web design, web application development, customized business software solutions and IT consultancy. We specialize in IT solutions and services for businesses and organizations.

The key role of our business is to help you achieve the maximum return on investment using relevant tools and technology for your business. Our operation centres around the belief that your business growth directly affects our success story. By this, we mean our services and solutions are customer centric - our clients are considered FIRST. Our team take your problem through the software development lifecycle and we come up with the best solution for you, putting in consideration your budget and goals.

What Makes Us Different


We are always on the lookout for imaginative ideas. We always bring out new ideas to solve problems and maixmize opportunities


There will be no relationship without confidence and no confidence without integrity. Integrity is what we do, what we say, and what we say we do.. Our focus is not the profit we make but how well we help you achieve your goals.


Business is easy, people are difficult. That is not so with us. We keep our word, you can take our word for it. We aim to create a bond between you and us. One that is built on trust and confidence.


We believe building and maintaining relationships with our clients should be our priority. We belive a satisfied and happy customer will embrace our services and recommend us to others

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